World Geographical Facts

At a closer look, the geography of the world we live in offers plenty of interesting things that you wouldn't think of in the first place. Take a moment to discover some curious facts that will make your imagination fly and thoughts wander across the globe. For instance, did you know that:

- The name "Earth" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "erda", which means ground or soil.

- If Bangladesh had the population density of Australia, there should be only 400,000 people living there. Actually, the Asian country has a population of 164 million.

- Russia has nine time zones. So, when the clocks of Kaliningrad show 12 PM, the clocks in the Kamchatka peninsula will show 9 PM.

- If you are born in Andorra, your chances of reaching at least 82 years old are very high. On the other hand, if you are born in Swaziland, your life expectancy will be around 32 years old.

- The Northern Hemisphere contains about 90% of the human population.

- It will take you 6 days to travel from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest railway ever build. The railway has a total length of 9,259 km (5,753 mi).

- All the people in the European country of Georgia can read and write, while only a quarter of the people of Mali can do this.

- The Panama Canal shortens the distance between the Atlantic and Pacific ocean by approximately 13,000 km (8,077 mi).

- The world population increased from 1 billion in 1804 to an estimated 7 billion in 2012.

- The earth's glaciers contain about 70% of the world's fresh water reserves.

- The area of Ecuador is about the same with that of the US state of Oregon.

- Although Germany and Japan occupy only 0.5% of the earth land area, their economies produce 14% of the total global GDP.

- Netherlands is the top chocolate producing country but its chocolate industry depends mostly on the cacao beans cultivated in the Ivory Coast, the biggest producer of this item.

- The average elevation of Turkey is 1,100 m (3,600 ft).

- The Pacific country of Nauru is the world's smallest island nation, covering just 21 square km (8.1 square mi).

- With a total length of 7,000 km (4,350 mi), the Andes is the longest continental mountain range.

- There are 10 cities called Alexandria in the USA. Also, there is at least one city called Alexandria on each continent except Antarctica.

- The Caspian Sea has a surface elevation of -28 m (-92 ft) and it is considered the world's largest lake because it is an enclosed body of water.

- One fifth (20%) of the earth land area is represented by the deserts.

- With an area of 53,000 square km (20,463 square mi), the Vasyugan swamp from western Siberia is the largest swamp in the northern hemisphere.

- Brazil takes up almost half of the area of South America or approximately 47%.

- The Republic of South Sudan declared its independence on 9 July 2011, therefore it is the youngest independent country in the world. Prior to this, Kosovo held this position from 17 February 2008 - the day it declared its independence.

- The Sea of Marmara connects the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea and it is the smallest sea in the world.

- The urban areas occupy about 1.5% of the total earth land area.

- Istanbul is the only metropolis in the world that is situated on two continents: Europe and Asia.

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