Asia Geographical Facts

With an area of 44.5 million square km (17.2 million square mi) and a population of 3.879 billion, Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent. Asia covers 30% of the Earth's total land area and it hosts 60 % of the total human population. This great continent presents so many mindblowing curious facts from which a few are mentioned below:

- Myanmar is the current name of the former Southeast Asia country known as Burma or Birmania.

- There are 92 enclaves of Bangladesh on Indian soil and 106 enclaves of India are on Bangladesh soil.

- Indonesia is the largest Muslim country by population, 88% (or 205 million) of its total 238 million people are of Islamic faith.

- Located in the southern part of the Russian region of Siberia, the Baikal lake is the oldest and deepest lake on earth. This lake is 30 million years old and has an average depth of 744.4 m (2442,2 ft).

- The highest temperature ever recorded in Kuweit was 60 degrees C (140 degrees F) and it happened in July 2010.

- Byblos, Sidon, Beirut and Tyre are four cities in Lebanon that are all classified among the oldest cities by continuous habitation.

- Shenzhen has been the fastest growing city in China for the past 30 years. Since the creation of the Special Economic Zone of Shenzen in 1980, the population of this city increased from 30,000 to 10 million inhabitants.

- The Karakoram Highway is the highest paved international road. This road connects China and Pakistan across the Karakoram mountain range at an altitude of 4,693 m (15,397 ft).

- Indonesia is the largest archipelago on earth. It that contains over 17,000 islands.

- Jerusalem is a holy city for three major religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

- Shanghai has the longest metropolitan transportation network. Its rapid transit system has 273 station and over 420 km (260.9 mi) of tracks in use.

- About 50% of the population of the United Arab Emirates comes from the Southern Asia countries of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

- More than 90% of the population of the Philippines are Christians, thus being one of the largest Christian community in Asia.

- China has over 160 cities that each have more than 1 million inhabitants.

- Lebanon has the most religiously diverse society in the Middle East. This country has 8 state-recognized religious sects.

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