Towards Understanding Knowledge

To know about something through understanding is acquiring knowledge about it. The more you gather knowledge about something, the more the kingdom of your mind expands. Your thinking arena widens and strengthens. When you know more than what others know about a particular subject or field, You become a master; an expert to resolve the issues related to it; a judge to pass valid judgements about it. Your service is required to the society and you are paid for the invaluable knowledge you possess. There is no limit to accumulate knowledge but there is limit in imparting it to others - you can give now only what you have up to now.

How to improve knowledge is the essential knowledge one needs to acquire first. The chief, fundamental and authentic source of knowledge is books. There are millions of books about millions of subjects in thousands of languages. Browse on the Net and know the books of all time. These books are the fruits of profound thinking of geniuses. You become what you read and hence read selected texts of Master Minds. Reading should be constantly and deeply. Check yourself. We don't buy all the best books we have so far heard about. We don't read all the books we have bought and we don't practice all the books we have read. A good book is one that is for people of all Ages and the one that turns you into a new leaf, burning away all your ignorance, illusions and misconceptions. The following are some books that you may try:

1. "My Experiments with Truth" by Mahatma Gandhi

2. "The Ramayana" by Valmiki

3. "The Mahabharatha" by Vyasa

4. "The Four Vedas" in Hinduism

5. "The Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan

6. "Thirukural" by Thiruvalluvar

Secondly the way to improve our knowledge is through thinking. To think is to know. Silence nurtures thinking whereas noise poisons it. To be emotional and impulsive is easy as well as dangerous but to be serene is to be thoughtful and creative. It is all in your mind that functions from 1 to 40 cycles. If it is at 20 cycles or above, it results in emotional state of mind and makes us weak and incapable of many things. When the mind functions between 8 and 14 cycles, it leads to creativity and thoughtfulness. Between 1 and 7 cycles, intuitions and inner revelations are at peak and mind itself reveals all knowledge about Nature and men and matters. One can progress towards this stage through systematic and constant meditation practice. Understanding precedes knowledge and silence precedes understanding. On the other hand, the question 'why?' stimulates your thinking and takes you to the world of wisdom. But don't stop with single 'why?'. Ask 'why?' at every answer you arrive at every 'why?'

Learn through experience is the another way to dig out the treasure. Your working experience imparts you more knowledge than what you acquired at schools and colleges or what you heard from others. To know and to practise are not the same though the former precedes and helps the latter. The knowledge you gathered is confirmed to be true and becomes yours only when it is tested or put into practice. Reading a book about swimming and driving doesn't make you a swimmer or driver. It is the practice and experience that makes you so. So mere reading of the map won't work and we have to travel to reach the destination. This fact answers why people are suffering in the world that has thousands of gospels and ethics.

Learning through errors is yet another way of improving our knowledge. Failures teaches you more lessons that success fails to do. Both the winner and the loser are the gainers. We succeed and we know what we should do. We error and we know both what we shotld do and what we should not. Both are knowledge-builders. You are squeezed by fate, disappointments, failures and loss but only to take the best essence of knowledge and lesson for life out of them.

Finally to conclude our discussion, we may proceed to 'learning through patience.' It is patience that makes you realise truth which gives rise to concrete knowledge about an issue at hand. The one who makes you angry is the best teacher who teaches you patience. Emotions kill your reason that patience rescues. Knowledge cures a problem and never aggravates. Observe (don't merely see) everything and everybody and your understanding would tell you that you have thousands of lessons to improve your knowledge.

About Me!
A writer needs to be creative but that creativity should be utilized for the welfare of the society which may be a sinking ship ignorantly or innocently crying for help. In other words, the spirit of the author breathes everlastingly life to those who lead death-in-life. I'm basically a teacher but I am learning several lessons everyday from my students. How many types of odd students! How many problems and how much ignorance! On the other side, the feelings of impermanence that go on urging me to do something that will make me immortal. Then I decided to live after my death by writing useful articles to the world and eventually I'm before you now. My writings will continue as long as the ink of life exhausts in me.



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