Rubber Stamps for Schools

As I child at Primary school, I remember opening my work book and feeling a profound sense of achievement when I saw a golden stamp for brilliant work. Rubber stamps are an effective way of rewarding children as they inspire motivation. If a child sees a smiley face or a golden star glaring from a page it creates excitement and satisfaction - they want to collect more. A simple yet effective design on the rubber stamp allows teachers to maintain stimulation within the classroom. Various designs are available to show feedback, this is essential for development and morale of children.

Rubber Stamps can also act as a learning aid within schools, for example, within a Primary school a clock design can be made into a fun, educational activity where children can learn to write and recognise specific times on a twelve hour clock. Stamps are also useful within High school, more specifically within lessons such as French and Spanish. A teacher can use stamps that are in the language which is being taught to mark pupils' work. As well as adding interest it allows pupils to recognise specific words if they are seen on a regular basis. Stamps can also be used to highlight possible mistakes such a punctuation and capital letters that are commonly made. If they are brought to the pupil's attention they can distinguish the areas where they need to develop.

Rubber stamps not only motivate learning and achievement but they are also a quick tool for teachers to complete their mountain of marking and put an important message across all at once! They are commonly personalised to show the name and address and phone number of schools so this information can be stamped in books and if they ever get lost, they can be returned successfully. Letters, school planners and school equipment are just a few examples of how stamps are very much important.

The different images and colours than you can choose from create a lovely personal touch than can suit a pupils needs greatly. The self inking choice also allows teachers to get hundreds of uses from one single stamp. There is no need to constantly refresh with ink pads - this can be very time consuming for teachers with little time on their hands. Stamps give a lovely touch within the classroom it is surprising how uplifting how a simple, fun and colourful design can be for a pupil.



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