Optional Items for Your College Dorm

If you are in college you will know that your dorm room is your home away from home. While it may never have all the niceties of your parents place, there are some items you might want to have to make your stay a little easier. Granted none of these items are necessities and some dorms have restrictions on what you can and can't have, but some of these things are pretty handy to have around.

A refrigerator can be very useful. No, not the huge Kenmore that your parents have, just buy a small dorm room fridge that fits nicely under your desk. That way you can keep a stash of burritos and TV dinners for those late night cravings. It is also great for storing those left overs you took home from Chili's.

If you have a fridge to keep food cold you will naturally need a microwave to warm it back up. It's 1 A.M., you are only half way through that term paper that is due tomorrow morning and you need to refuel. Pop the fridge open, grab a TV dinner and cook away. Use it to make some popcorn and you might be the most popular person on your floor.

Unless you have night vision goggles then you will need light to see, and that mean you need a lamp. It's true that most dorms have overhead lighting but if your roomie is asleep, he (or she) may not want the bright overheads on, which makes a lamp the perfect light to see by. At the very least get a reading light to clip onto your bed or desk.

We said early none of these things are necessities but there is one item that might very well be and that is a coffee pot. If you are fortunate enough not to be addicted to coffee skip this part, but for the rest of us, this be can crucial to survival. You don't really have time to run to the café every morning anyways and it will save you money in the end.

Lastly you may want to consider an iron. You probably hate ironing and it is true most of your clothes will be free T-shirts, but at times you may need to dress up. What if you go to a dance or have a job interview? You will want to look your best. For an ironing board just buy one of those small portable ones. Finally, don't forget a laundry basket, unless you want to carry a cardboard box around.

Aiden Jefferson lives, works and breathes in sunny Southern California. Don't try to find him though, he is well hidden and sneaky. He writes (usually) about life, college, cars, pop culture and loves to mix them all together when he can get away with it. That being said, you can skip the whole dorm room experience by attending a miltary university or a army college.



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