ESL Worksheets and Lesson Plans for ESL Classrooms

All teachers of ESL or EFL classes should make a regular habit of making ESL worksheets. Although many ESL teachers chose this profession mainly because it allows for travel and adventure, this is no reason to neglect the responsibilities of being an English teacher. By taking the time to look ahead at the next class and prepare a worksheet at home, ESL teachers will find that their classes go more smoothly and are more enjoyable. In addition, these adventure-seeking teachers may find that they begin to take genuine pride in their work when they see their students appreciating the work they put into classes and actually progressing. This, after all, is the true purpose of teaching and the reason parents send their children to learn English. Therefore, although creating worksheets may seem a trivial task and an unnecessary part of the ESL teacher's job, this simple task can actually be the difference between a lasting, enjoyable profession and a burdensome, frustrating job.

Coming up with truly useful ESL worksheets, however, requires a teacher who is well-trained and experienced. English, after all, is a very difficult language to learn. This is often true even for native speakers of English, many of whom are unable to write a single sentence without it being riddled with errors. Hence, the best ESL teacher is one who has a firm grasp of the language and has taken the time to understand the mechanics of how proper sentences are formed. This means understanding how different tenses are used and coming up with examples that can be shared with the students.

In other words, teaching children to write and speak creatively, properly with a formal tone requires a teacher who has experience doing this. Otherwise, the students will not be able to grasp the cnncepts that the teacher is talking about. Inexperienced ESL teachers may find that their students raise questions in class that are very hard to answer; such teacher's may simply respond by saying, "That's just the way it is." In this situation, the curious students are deprived of an answer to their question and a more in-depth understanding of the English language due to the deficiencies of the teacher.

In a nutshell, this is why teaching is perhaps the most undervalued profession. Teachers not only must be skilled at teaching, explaining, and holding students' attention; they must also be skilled practitioners of the task they are teaching to the students, something that is not necessarily true of other subjects.

Finding useful ESL worksheets can make a teacher's life much easier and will result in students who learn quicker and have a broader understanding of formal English usage.



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